Friday, July 27, 2007

No One Can Eat Just One

Usually when a Harry Potter book comes out I'm the last to read it. I wait until everyone else has read it so I can enjoy it without someone waiting over my shoulder.

Well . . . it has been a while since I read book #6 so I went online to sparknotes to refresh my memory before I started book #7. It got me all excited and I could hardly wait to start reading. I went in to check on Niko during his nap and there was the book laying in the middle of our bed. Oh . . . I'll just read a chapter while Niko is asleep . . .

It's like that potato chip commercial, "No one can eat just one!" Well, I read five chapters and I had to take care of "stuff." In the meantime, Todd came home. And he is now sitting on the couch reading the book.

I'm just beside myself. I want to go grab the book out of his hands and continue reading myself. My only hope is that he reads fast and long into the night so the book can be mine. I need to get a hold of it before Kim and Tom get home tomorrow or I might be at the end of the line again.

I shouldn't have started.

If any of you have finished reading your copy and have pity on me . . . bring it over right away.

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