Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Kid Table and Adult Table

At family dinners while I was growing up there was always an adult table and a kid table. Although I have many fond memories at the kid table I always felt like I was missing out by being away from the grown-ups. When I was a teenager and finally got to sit at the big table I loved to hear all the "grown-up" conversations. I think I learned a lot about life while listening. I got to form my own opinions. I was even talked to like I was valued and important.

So as an adult I have always tried to include everyone at the same table no matter how long or wide the table needed to be. I guess I'm trying to give my kids some of the same great moments I had at the adult table. Today, as I visited with Laura I remembered all the fun and laughter at the kids table. I hope I'm not depriving my kids of those memories. Maybe next time a bunch of cousins are over I'll try adding a kid table . . . maybe . . . just once . . . I don't know . . .

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