Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Camel's Back Park

In Boise we have this amazing park called Camel's Back Park.  On the northeast end of the park there is a very steep hill.  The kids headed straight up without hesitation.  Notice I am taking pictures from much further down the hill.  Behind this hill there is a bunch of marked hiking trails.  You can make your day hike as short or as long as you wish.  You can get to them taking some side trails around this hill if you are not up for the initial steep climb.

There is also a fun playground that was quite empty since the temperatures are still on the chilly side.  Even our teenagers still enjoy the "play."

Here's proof that Todd and I were there too.  Too often I am not in the pictures because I am always taking them.
I just love seeing our kids smile again! 
We stopped by Goody's Soda Fountain and Candy Store on the way home for ice cream.  Yumm!  Ice cream is good anytime of year, even when it is cold outside, especially when the hot fudge it THAT GOOD!

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