Saturday, May 7, 2011

More School

I am taking another college class from BYU-Idaho this semester.  I need to have at least 30 credits from classes in the 300's.  I figured it would be fun to fill those last few spots with some religion classes.  This semester I am taking Old testament.  I will be posting in my other blog (an older, almost forgotten blog) once a week, over the semester, about what I am learning that week.  You are welcome to check it out, but please don't judge.


Michelle Burk said...

How ambitious of you! Maybe Todd should take you on a field trip to Jerusalem when you're done. Good luck with the class! You're amazing to take on one more thing.

Amber said...

You probably already told me, but what degree are you going for?

LDS Mom said...

The degree is called a Bachelor of university studies. It is kind of like a general degree. I have 2 minors, custom sewing and the other is marriage and family studies. I am also doing a cluster in business.