Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Homemade Corn Tortillas

I could hardly wait to make homemade corn tortilla when I got my new tortilla press.  The whole process is so simple.

First we mixed the masa with a little bit of salt and then some water to make a dough.  We rolled it into balls.

Then we pressed the balls in the tortilla press.  One would think you just put the ball in the center and press.  But actually the ball needs to be closer to the top, about a third the way down.
The whole trick on not having the tortilla stick to the press and make a mess is all in the plastic.  I cut 3 sides off of a heavy duty Ziploc bag and pressed the tortilla between the 2 sides.  It comes off the plastic so easy.
The tortilla spent a few minutes in a cast iron skillet.  And into a dishcloth to stay warm and soft until we were ready to eat.
 We stuffed the tortillas with sweet pork, lettuce, and cheese.
 Oh, my!  They were so yummy.  I made the corn tortillas 2 more times that first week and once again last weekend when Kim, Travis, and Allie were here.

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