Monday, August 23, 2010

Good Bye Roosters

They have cocked their last doodle do. Saturday morning Todd harvested the two roosters. No pictures of that part because, well . . . gross.
I cut them into parts, cooked them, and diced them up.
We made chicken enchiladas for Sunday dinner yesterday. It was a little weird . . . I am not use to dark meat in my enchiladas, the meat was a little tough because the roosters are not very young, and, well, the thought kept popping into my head that these were our pet roosters.


A Thrifty Mom said...

Love it....

Amber said...

omg omg omg omg... I may go cry. Couldn't do that :(

Mom to Many said...

Wow. This makes me think about the year we had a chicken chase at youth conference. It was a bit traumatic for me. I ate a granola bar that night and the potatoes.
It is a tough adjustment when meat has always come from the store. :o)
I admire you for completing the process.
Good job!