Wednesday, August 18, 2010


My first woodworking project . . .

First I went to Lowe's and had someone help me load a big 4' X 8' piece of MDF onto a cart. Then I had someone cut all my pieces for me (still at Lowe's), for free.
Todd taught me how to use the saw and the drill.
All the pieces are put together.
I filled in the countersink holes and sanded them down.
Then I painted it the most beautiful shade of light blue.
All finished! It sits at the bottom of our bed. And I love it! What a rewarding project!
I got my inspiration from Ana at Knock-off wood.


Letia said...

I saw it posted on Ana's site! Very cool. I am still gathering the courage to attempt a project.

Amber said...

awww! how handy!

Mom to Many said...

Too cute! I want one!