Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I have always LOVED the smell of coffee.  Yes, I just had to go back and capitalize the word loved because I really LOVE the smell of coffee.  But we don't drink coffee.  So why do I have a coffee grinder in my home?
To grind my flax seeds of course which I throw into green smoothies or our flax seed muffin recipe or whatever suits my fancy.  Did I really just say, "Suits my fancy?"  Flax is so good for you, but it has to be ground or it will just go right through you and not leave any of its amazing nutrients behind.
I have another coffee implement in my house that I use everyday.  A french coffee press.  Because it's suppose to be the best way to make coffee.  No, I don't make coffee in it.  I make Choffy.
I must say, I am a little . . . is there another word I can use here in place of addicted?  Addicted sounds too harsh.  
It's yummy.  Especially with a little half & half and some stevia.  My first sip of Choffy was plain.  I was not very excited about it.  My first cup was okay.  But by the time I drank a second cup, I could hardly wait for my third and forth.
So what is Choffy?  It's brewed chocolate.  100% premium cacao beans roasted and ground just like they roast and grind coffee.  No caffeine.  And it's CHOCOLATE.  Read about it on their website. Drink Choffy. And read about how good it is for you too.
Don't worry.  I am not a distributor (it's a mlm).  I bought mine on the website.  

I'd love to make you a cup if you want to try it out.  Come on over.

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Rebekah D. Hay said...

I am sooo happy you posted this!! I've been looking everywhere for something like this:) It just makes sense, right??

Thank you!!!