Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I won!

The Women's Show that I mentioned in the previous post is like a trade show with a bunch of retailers that are of interest to women.  It is held the 2 days prior to the Women's Fitness Celebration.  It is also where we go to pick up our race t-shirts and race numbers.  Many of the retailers have drawings at their booths to encourage us to take a look.  And I won one of the drawings!
You can see most everything in this basket . . . salt scrub, body butter, pomegranate soap, cuticle lotion, linen spray, nail brush, foot pumice stone, and a cute little wallet.  The flowers in the back are actually attached to a cute pair of chocolate brown flip flops.  The part that you can't see in the picture is my favorite part . . . $150 gift certificate to one of the nicest salon and spas in Idaho.  Hooray!

I love to be pampered, but it seems to always come with a little bit of guilt, like maybe I should be spending my money on something we need.  Now I can enjoy my spa pampering, guilt free.  What can be better than that?!

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