Wednesday, October 5, 2011

An Addiction

I have a new addiction . . . green smoothies!  Yep, that's pretty much what they look like.
Every morning, around 7:00 am, I pull out the blender, a bunch of greens, and some frozen fruit.  I start blending and filling up these jars for the whole family.  I drink 2 of these quarts a day, Todd drinks one, and each of the kids get a pint. I did say whole family and that includes grandpa.  I asked him everyday for the last week if I could make him one.  He would give me a look like, "You've got to be kidding,"  and he would always say no.  But I kept offering.  And yesterday he said, "I guess I should be drinking those too.  Do you have any extra?"  And he loved it.

The one above is the one I drank this afternoon.  It is one of my favorite blends.  It has raw spinach, kale, chard, peaches, and strawberries.  Do you have any idea how many great vitamins, minerals, and nutrients are in these?!  If you can get past the color, they are delicious.  Come on over and I'll make you one.

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