Friday, March 4, 2011

Todd Makes Bread

Todd has always wanted to learn how to make bread.  

Late at night after the kids go to bed,  I sit down to watch the shows that have been recorded on the DVR.  As I was watching the Martha Stewart show, Todd came and sat down as Martha was making a chocolate swirl coffee cake bread.  Todd jumps up and says, "I think I am going to make that right now."  So . . . off to the computer to print off the recipe.  And he dug right in.  Todd said it was way too much work for one loaf of bread.  And since he started making it late at night, it didn't even go into the oven until well after midnight.
 It was beautiful.
  And delicious.

I wanted to work along with him in the kitchen, so I made some granola that I had bought all the supplies for. My project finished hours before his.

Todd decided his next bread making project should be a little bit simpler.


Ingrid said...

Penny, you two are so cute! The bread looks delicious!

Mom to Many said...

What a BRAVE man!
It's beautiful!