Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thursday Evening Conversation

Thomas: Hey mom. I'm trying out for the Jazz Band tomorrow.

Me: The high school jazz band?

Thomas: Yes.

Me: I thought they already had a drummer. What instrument are you going to play.

Thomas: The bass guitar.

Me: Is that an electric guitar?

Thomas: Yes.

Me: Have you ever played a bass guitar before?

Thomas: I tried my friend's before.

Me: When was that?

Thomas: Last school year.

Me: How are you going to practice?

Thomas: It's the same top 4 strings that are on my guitar and the teacher gave me some music to play.

Me: The tryouts are tomorrow?

Thomas: Yes.

Me: Does the school have a bass guitar you can use?

Thomas: Yes.

Me: Okay. Good luck.

Yes, Thomas is now a member of the high school jazz band.

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jenimur said...

Is there anything this guy CAN'T do? He is a talented guy! Isn't cool to see what your children evolve into?