Monday, November 28, 2011


Before Christy and Brian headed home on Saturday, Todd, Thomas, Christy and I went shooting.

I got to shoot one of my other birthday gifts for the first time.  It was the first time I had ever fired a hand gun. I was amazed at how much power such a small gun had.
 Loved it!  Can't wait to go again!


Mom to Many said...

Love your Fam picture at the top! Love it! Can't wait until I get to start adding "kids" to the family.

Abbie said...

You go girl!!!

That looks like so much fun. I have often wanted to try doing that but haven't got the chance.

I always thought if I did I would be a natural and turn into a gun toting machine like the chick in "Walkng Dead" lol

Hope you do it again and I can live vicariously through you.