Friday, December 31, 2010

The Rest of December

I feared I would never get the rest of the blogs written for the holidays so I decided to combine them into one semi-long post . . . mostly pictures.

These first three pictures are of the Christmas Choir Concert at the high school.  In this first one, Thomas is standing up on the far right.  He is leading the men's choir with Mr. VP, our choir director.

A close up of Thomas singing with Acapella . . . 

and singing with Premier Jazz.

One of our favorite Christmas traditions is to make gingerbread (graham cracker) houses.  We buy tons of candy and usually eat more than we put on the houses.  Most of the kids eat theirs within two days of making them.

Marie has kind of adopted a widow in our ward, Jan.  We invited her over to join in this year.

The Tuesday before Christmas, Santa made a surprise visit to our home and brought each of the kids a nice, warm pair of slippers.

Allie arrived for Christmas Eve.  Oh, my!  I just want to kiss those cheeks right now!

Christmas Eve Dinner is almost ready.

Grandma setting out the appetizers. 

We ate too much . . . again.

Dinner is always followed by the nativity . . . 

a visit from Santa . . .

and singing Christmas carols around the piano while grandpa plays.

Here is my favorite Christmas gift . . . 

Thomas is learning to walk on his hands.

I got to take some fun pictures of the beautiful Mrs. Twin Falls (aka my daughter, Kimberly) for the upcoming Mrs. Idaho pageant.

And that raps up the year 2010!  Happy New Year to you all!

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