Friday, February 18, 2011

Four Favorites for Friday

Four favorite things that are a part of our home . . . 

In the master bathroom linen closet there is this wonderful little outlet.  It's such a small little thing.  This is where we charge our cell phones instead of out on the counter.

I love this front door.  It is a huge 4 foot by 8 foot beautiful wood door.  I still smile almost every time I look at it.

This little tiny button is rarely seen.  Attached to the frame of the pantry door is a switch that turns the pantry light on every time you open the door and turns the light off every time you close it.

No, it's not this faucet that is one of my favorites.  It's what is a part of the plumbing underneath . . . a circulating hot water heater.  Wherever you are in the house, when you turn on the hot water, within about 2 seconds, you have hot water. 

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