Sunday, November 23, 2008


What happens when mom doesn't do a final clothing check before heading out the door to church?

At the end of Sacrament meeting, Jay stands up and I notice he is wearing a pair of his school pants.

Between Sunday School and Relief Society, I pass Justin in the hall and notice he is wearing Jay's pants, who is quite a bit shorter than he is. His comment, "They still look nice."

I went to pick Niko and Nick up from their Primary class. As I walk into the classroom, Niko is leaning up to the table and I notice his pants are on backwards.


Me said...

OMG!!! lol.. wow, that's awesome

Angela said...

This reminds me of the many times Andersen has worn something extremely small of Ben's or vice versa... and they say to me: "Well, it was in my drawer..." !?

Celeste said...

That cracks me up! and all on the same day.