Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thrift Store Stop

I made a quick stop at the thrift store today.

I usually take a quick look down the plate isle first to find something that catches my eye to add to my collection of china dessert plates. Each one is different. I love eating off of them. And at $1 to $3 each I can throw them into the dishwasher and even let the kids have snacks on them without worrying about them breaking.

The stacks on the upper right are the plates I already had. The three plates on the lower left are the ones that caught my eye today. Each one was only 69¢.

I also found this chair. I shouldn't have bought it until all of my other project were caught up but for $7.50, I couldn't resist. It might not look like much, but check out the "bones" of the chair in the second picture.

Can you just see the potential?!

1 comment:

Letia said...

What's your favorite thrift store? I hardly go anymore, I haven't found a treasure in so long.